Carry out a mission to show Latam & Caribe students, with potential interest in studying at American Universities, to determine the opportunities to do so in the city of Washington DC, United States.

Specific objectives:

1.- Introduce students about what it means to study in the USA.

2.- Hold meetings with potential universities that receive these students.

3.- Hold meetings with international organizations based in Washington DC, potential recipients of these students, during and after completing their studies.

4.- Hold meetings with financing agents to know the economic possibilities of completing the career in the USA.

5.- Follow up and determine the steps to be followed by each student in the group.

Execution time:

Before the mission (1 month)

1.- Meetings with interested students and their parents or guardians.

2.- Preparation of tentative agendas

3.- Preparation of definite agendas

After the mission (3 weeks)

8.- Information gathering

9. Final report


U.S. $ 1,900 for each participating student

1. Minimum group of 10 students. To reserve the place, you must pay US $ 200.-, refundable if the group is not formed.

2. Students must cover their airfare and stay expenses in the USA.

4. You can quote the provision of a package that includes the entire organization of the mission, including hotel, international ticket and transportation costs in the USA. This quote will depend on the composition of the students of the group and their aspirations in the mission.

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